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Aviation Art

Aviation Art & Aircraft Paintings by Derek Blois

The subject of aviation art generally covers all types of fixed wing aircraft, rotary/helicopter, airships/balloons, drones/UAV and
even space travel.

Under this banner of aviation or aircraft, airframe, airplane and aeroplane, come more specifics, such as Fast Jets, Bi Planes, Airliners, Helicopters, Vintage aircraft, Airships, Dirigibles, Gliders, Bombers, and Drones etc.

And of course these lead to specific airframes such as Spitfire, Apache, Lynx, Lancaster, Typhoon, Chinook, and Sea King etc.

Most of my paintings are commissioned by clients and the process of such a request is very easy. From original contact I will work with the client to assess the composition and airframe required. I will rough out a sketch and on agreement I will process the aviation painting through my schedule to the desired result. There is no money paid as a deposit and the work is only purchased, if liked when finished.

As much of my work is for the Army Air Corps and individuals within the Corps, you will see many paintings on this site relevant to them, such as the Apache, Lynx and Gazelle. Several paintings are more popular than others. ‘Three in One’  along with ‘Valhalla’, ‘Night Vulcan’ and ‘Here They Come’ tend to be the most.

I exhibit annually at the Guild of Aviation Artists’ show at The Mall Galleries in London, where I have received many awards.
I am currently a Full Member of The Guild of Aviation Artists.



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