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Maritime Paintings

Maritime Paintings and Art by Derek Blois

My Maritime Paintings and art covers virtually any subject related to the sea, oceans and estuaries.

Besides seascapes, my subjects can include boats, commercial liners, ships, yachts, sailboats, speed/motor boats, tall ships and a host of various sailing craft.

Most of my original maritime paintings are in acrylics, oils or watercolours and are available in print form, either as giclee or digital format.

Besides commissions, much of my maritime paintings go over to the USA where I exhibit in state of Maine. I sell regularly at this gallery and have won several awards.

Although tall ships and sailing craft are popular, warships, current or historic are often commissioned. HMS Kent, HMS Sheffield, HMS Ocean and HMS Liverpool are popular. And some of these involving aircraft you will find them listed under aviation art as well.

Most of my work is commissioned and the process of such a request is very easy. From original contact I will work with the customer to assess the composition required. I will rough out a sketch and on agreement I will process the painting through my schedule to the desired result. There is no money paid as a deposit and the work is only purchased, if you like it when finished.


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