AH Apaches. Doing What They Do!


AH Apaches. Doing What They Do!


Westland Apaches AH1

Army Air Corps Westland Apaches AH1 using their awesome firepower.
Each rocket launcher carries 19 folding-fin 2.75-inch aerial rockets, secured in launching tubes. To fire the rockets, the launcher triggers an igniter at the rear end of the tube. The Apache gunner can fire one rocket at a time or launch them in groups. The flight fins unfold to stabilize the rocket once it leaves the launcher.

High Quality Apache Helicopter Art Prints available

Size: 14 x 36 inches

Medium: Acrylics on Board


FREE UK P&P on all orders. For Worldwide P&P please enquire.
Please allow 10 working days for delivery, also note that glass will not be included in framed originals.

* All digital prints will be on an A3 sheet but as each picture is of different proportions there will be a white border surrounding each picture.

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